1) How do you know which candidate is the best fit for my child?

We discuss your requirements and expectations to identify in detail, what you need from a candidate, including their professional and personality traits.


2) Where do you find your British tutors and childcare experts?

We advertise your position to a network of highly trusted and qualified candidates from our database and external sources, keeping your personal details confidential.


3) How do you decide who is right for us?

We match the interested candidates’ professional requirements to your expectations and to your family’s values, shortlisting an average of three for interviews with you. 


4) How do you know they are genuine experts?

We verify their educational and professional references and interview every candidate, developing an ongoing relationship with each person. Our experienced team use sophisticated neurolinguistic techniques to determine their abilities and personality profiles.


5) What is the interview process like?

It’s in everyone’s interest that you find the best candidate quickly. So we provide support and guidance and ensure that you have the right interview questions prepared. We organise the interview in person or over Skype with each of the selected candidates and your family.


 6) If the candidate is right for me, what happens next?

We encourage families to take time deciding on their favourite candidate, then run stage two or stage three interviews for reassurance and/or for other questions you may have. We have a one-month trial period but if you need further reassurance, we also offer a short pre-trial where you can see each candidate in action.


7) We have chosen a candidate, what’s next?

We organise their visa and their relocation. Please note that your quotation will include the candidates’ transport and accommodation costs if they are not living in your home.


 8) How do you ensure that they will do the best job?

We provide ongoing candidate support, making sure they have all the educational materials, and a comprehensive child development and/or study plan agreed with your family. We are always there for you if you have any queries or if you would like to make any adjustments.


 9) How can you reassure me that the candidate will settle in?

We maintain close relationships with both candidates and families to make sure everyone is happy. We go the extra mile as we have British experts across the world who meet with newly arrived candidates, helping them to settle in, build friendships and offering them advice.


We believe that’s the key to our success: 9 out of 10 of our candidates pass their one-month trial and have a lasting relationship with the family.