round table approach
1) One hour consultation with you

We find out what you want and need for your child. We’ll then give you an overview of how we work and the type of schools you should aim for.


2) Your decision to proceed

If you are happy to go ahead, we sign a service level agreement together and arrange a second in-depth consultation with you and your child.


3) Careful definition of your child’s abilities and traits

We will use the key information we have gathered and from a further assessment with a senior consultant. This assessment will focus not only on their abilities but also their personality traits, interests and potential. We then offer independent expert advice on school choices and suggest other areas where your child could develop.


4) Senior consultant mentorship

The same senior consultant then creates your child’s report, going beyond academic achievement to recommend how he or she could best fit into the private schooling system. This information is key to a school’s consideration of your child.


5) Your Roundtable school selection

We bring each of our disciplines and our research together to map your child’s specific abilities, traits and potential to a list of 5-8 schools. If required, we make a recommendation for language support.


6) Consultation with shortlisted schools

We talk directly with the Registrar or Headmaster/mistress of each school on the shortlist, presenting your child’s detailed profile and gathering in-depth insights into the school itself.


 7) Review of final shortlist with specialist

We reach out to a wider pool of our private education specialists, such as HMC heads and housemasters with whom we are networked. They review and validate each recommendation.


8) Your Roundtable analysis

Our expertise are brought together for a second time and with the added information we select up to five schools where we consider your child will thrive.


9) Your first school visit

There is an option to visit the selected schools. If you don’t wish to do so at this early stage, it can be done at step 12 (see below). We accompany you on all visits and can guide you with the right questions.


10) The schools application

All independent reports made for your child are submitted and each application personally followed up with the Registrar or Headteacher.


11) Interview preparation with your child

One of our Senior Consultants will fully prepare your child before their school interview by running a preparation session, ensuring they feel confident and relaxed.


 12) School visit and interview

If you or your child wishes, we are happy to accompany them on their official visit and interview. This may help them to feel more at ease.


13) After the interview

Once your child is accepted, we ensure a smooth transfer to the school, forming the right connections and completing all the necessary paperwork. If there are any issues, we collect comprehensive interview feedback and prepare a thorough appeal to the school.

When your child is successfully placed in a school, we can provide them with ongoing mentoring and academic support, such as premium guardianship <link>