Our approach is unique. We call it the ‘Roundtable Approach’. It means that you will always have the best of our expertise and experience as well as our complete attention every step of the way.



We understand that the most valuable step in getting your child into the right school is to understand their potential. Whilst we test and assess them, it’s about much more than that. Speaking and listening to them is a major part of admissions success, yet it is often overlooked. Once we have a clear idea of their abilities, our key skills come into play:
As parents and professionals, we know how important the success of your child is. And we know that children who are involved and happy with decisions about their futures flourish in the education system, socially and culturally. That’s why we focus on candidate-family matching. In fact, more than 90% of our candidates pass the trial period. For consistent and accurate matching we ensure:
Our expert team have a strong reputation and give us in-depth insight into Britain’s best private schools, enabling us to place your child in a school that will allow them to develop and to excel:

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