We are a dedicated, experienced, extensively networked team of education and childcare specialists from the United Kingdom. We use the unique Roundtable Approach  to help you choose the best British school, find the ideal tutor or governess, or plan the educational future of your child.



Many of us have over 40 years experience in teaching at prestigious schools such as Caterham and Eton and were educated at top universities including the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.


Our knowledge and expertise go beyond entry requirements and expectations because we have been through the British private education system and many of us are parents with children of our own in top schools.


Our service is unique because from the start, we take the time to identify your child’s specific needs – their strengths and motivations, as well as your hopes and expectations. We only place your child with a teacher or governess that will help them to reach their full potential. And we have a 100% success rate in placing children in their top school choice.